Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Seattle VayCay - Star Trek, Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy and more at the EMP


We're in Seattle for a week of vacation.  We've seen the Space Needle, Pike's Place and a few other things as we caught up with old friends who've relocated to the area.

Today it was just me and Jamie, and he headed down to the EMP.

The EMP is a museum that was set up by Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen and was originally going to be all about music.  Well, half of the museum is - and we went to that, but this isn't a music blog and it's weird to take pictures of certain kinds of exhibits or art.  But the EMP is now also home to Paul Allen's other collections, I guess.

Above, you see me freaking the hell out about the Gorn costume from the Star Trek episode Arena, the episode that first piqued my interest in Trek as a kid and - in my humble opinion - one of the finest hours of television ever produced.

But, I was basically just freaking the hell out through the whole museum as it was truly an amazing spectacle of genre movie and TV props and FX items.

You can view my stash of photos here.

This is exactly the sort of stuff I'd wind up owning if I had billions of dollars


JAL said...

I'd hyped the Ninja Turtle costume to Syd and she was greatly disappointed it was not on display. Not surprisingly, she loved the horror room, with the monster maker wall as the highlight.

The League said...

Poor Syd! No Turtle! I tried the monster maker, but like the dog in Go, Dog, Go! it did not seem to like that I was wearing a hat. It was still fun but I made way for the younger crowd.

J.S. said...

Very cool! I wish I could see it all.

Jake Shore said...

Wow! I live in the Northwest; how did I not know about this place?! That is one impressive collection. How bad did you want to try on Khan's Star Trek II outfit?

The League said...

The permanent exhibits at the EMP include sci-fi, horror and fantasy. The Star Trek bit is a temporary exhibit, but I don't know for how long. All part of Paul Allen's private holdings, i guess. Anyway, if we were headed closer to Oregon, I'd have raised a flag and let you know.

Jake Shore said...

OK, so how bad did your wife want to see you in Khan's outfit? I didn't see the glove. Did they have the glove? 'Cause the glove is key to whole image.

The League said...

Well, I'm not so sure I'd fill out the bare-chested look in quite the same way as Mr. Montalban. No glove, I'm afraid. What you see is what you get.