Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Fifty Shades and Fifty Shades Darker: THE PODCAST (with AmyC!)


The Signal Watch launches a new media experiment! Join us for our inaugural podcast as AmyC and I sit down and discuss the movies Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker!

FAIR WARNING:  There is a whole lot of non-Family-Friendly chatter in this podcast, so use your best discretion before tuning in.  

Runtime:  50 minutes (so get comfortable)


mcsteans said...

That was great, y'all! I both commend you and question your sanity at not only sitting through these in the theater, but making it through them a second time all in one day. As I had been spared till now, I sat through the first one this time, but made my escape before the sequel. You guys did a great job of verbalizing all of the issues I had with the movie. If you had asked me my opinion immediately after watching on Sunday, I probably would have yelled and punched something. As it was, I literally shot the movie the bird when the credits rolled. Thanks for giving well thought out and fair criticism, both of you. Bravo. I look forward to the next one!

Jake Shore said...

FIrst of all, kudos on the Gerry Rafferty bumper music. Perfect. Keep using it.

Also, I really like this format. In my amateur opinion, especially in light of your "Nobody Cares 2017" post, this is a great direction for what you are trying to do with your blog.

In terms of the topic, there are few subjects less directed towards me than "50 Shades of Grey." I haven't seen the movies. I haven't read the book, nor do I have any interest in doing either. Obviously, this podcast was aimed at people who have seen the movies, so some of my question marks don't really apply (I had to look up reference to Twilight fan fiction).

Here's what I don't understand, you've talked about these movies before, which surprised me, given the typical content of your blog. I am curious what has stirred your interest in these films because listening to this, I didn't really get a sense for what it is. It's obvious you don't think much of these movies in terms of storytelling and filmmaking, so the only compelling thing to discuss, it seems to me, is the cultural commentary. And yet, the approach in the podcast was more to pick apart aspects of the story and characters, which is fine, if you thought it was compelling and worth doing, but clearly you didn't. So was your approach more one of live-tweeting a cheesy movie? Because I didn't really get that vibe either. So what is it about these movies that draws your interest?

I liked your point about the movies having a 2014 perspective about BDSM in 2018 was interesting. I kinda wish you had talked more about that. Given the prominence of the recent issues you mentioned with regard to the #MeToo movement, I was a little disappointed you didn't juxtapose this against the immense popularity of these books among women, especially given Amy's background. She seems uniquely qualified to address the issue.

Anyway, I don't want to be critical because I enjoyed it, and I understand it's a work in progress. More than anything, I'm excited to see where this goes.

The League said...

@jake - Yeah, it's tough to know how to do this on the first go-round. And maybe we rambled around a bit too much (we were having some wine. It happens.). Point taken. I certainly wish we'd simplified a bit for an audience that hadn't seen the movie.

We've got more to do when we return for the final installment, so I'll see what we can't do to address your questions a bit more. Part of the problem is - Amy and I had talked about the movies on multiple occasions between our prior viewings and then before we got rolling. We may have covered that territory between us but didn't get it on tape. BUT... we can pick it up next time.

As per my particular interest - frankly it's that it IS so far outside of my usual media but it IS so popular, which is something I can address more fully next time. I don't get particularly squeamish about sexual matters in the general sense (please do not ask me what I'm up to), and I'm fine with the content. But, yeah - aside from the pre-amble where we acknowledge the massive popularity of the books and movies, its worth digging into it a lot more next go-round - but suffice it to say, I'm interested in why so many other people are so interested when we've got so much adult content readily available.

Jake Shore said...

Yeah, I find it bewildering. But it's not men, but women who are eating this up. I get that women don't consume porn they way men do, but why this? I dunno.

My wife has some interesting perspectives on this, but I digress.

As far as prior conversations between you and Amy, I get that. I read a while back that Bill Maher doesn't talk to his guests before the show so that the conversations are as genuine and unscripted as possible.

Still dug it, though.

The League said...

Honestly, I think it boils down to "socially acceptable porn". It's not the first book like that and it won't be the last. And with the ability to buy books more privately via Amazon, you don't need to worry about what the clerk thinks of your purchases. Plus, the viral nature of these things via social media. But: I don't actually know.