Thursday, February 21, 2019

PODCAST! "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"! Avengers Chronological Countdown #09 - w/ Jamie and Ryan

Watched:  02/16/2019
Format:  Bluray
Viewing:  unknown
Decade:  2010's

We reach one of Jamie's all-time favorite movies, a tale of a handsome man who is neck-deep in issues he thought he fixed before he went down for a long nap. Cap returns in an espionage thriller, but - also - a story of friendship. And blowing things up real good. It's one of the big turning points for Marvel as they put their best foot forward with a solid story that takes things up a notch.


Avengers - Alan Silvestri, Avengers OST
Captain America - Henry Jackman, Captain America: The Winter Solider OST



Simon MacDonald said...

My favourite Marvel movie and go to movie when stuck on long plane rides. It never feels old to me. There is so much to love in this flick.

By the way, Batroc was played by UFC fighter and fellow Canadian, Georges St. Pierre. Georges retired from fighting on Feb 21st of this year. I absolutely loved the fight between Batroc and Cap as it seemed to be all practical effects. Honestly, that's one of my favourite things about this movie is there are a lot of practical effects and CGI is used more sparingly then most super hero slugfests.

The League said...

Well, certainly by the time you hit Infinity War, the movie is 75% CGI. But I agree that there's something really cool about real-world visuals paired with our superheroes. Once they're wandering around Titan, it's still enjoyable, but it loses the feeling of possibility. I also just watched two Jackie Chan films, so I may be on a high for what IS possible in film if they stick to practical effects right now.

Simon MacDonald said...

Yeah, don't get me wrong I love the later movies and their CGI craziness but they did such an amazing job of keeping this movie grounded. I feel the practical effects lent a certain amount of gravitas to the movie.

I read your post on those Jackie Chan movies and made me wish I wasn't heads down on a deadline right now so I could do a Jackie deep dive on his older movies.