Monday, May 25, 2020

PODCAST: "Superman II" (1981) - A Super Film Selection w/ Ryan and Stuart

Watched:  05/21/2020
Format:  BluRay
Viewing:  Unknown.  A lot.
Decade:  1980's
Director:  Richards Lester and Donner

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Everyone loves "Superman II", or at least that's how they remember it. Listen in as two guys who have seen this movie way, way too many times, read too much about it and - frankly - thought more about it than an adult person probably should set about discussing the follow-up to the super-tastic "Superman: The Movie". This one has the big bad-guy fight! But also, weird powers, a shiny disco bed, and will the real Gene Hackman please stand up?


Can You Read My Mind? - Maureen McGovern


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Stuart said...

"Everyone loves Superman II, or at least that's how they remember it." Someone should study this movie as it relates to the Mandela Effect. Because, yeah, you *think* you saw great cinematography because they included scenes from the first film. You think you saw Superman throw a punch because of clever staging, etc. Which doesn't work as well in the age of instant video-on-demand.