Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Friday Tweet-a-Long: "Beastmaster"

Movie:  The Beastmaster - 1982
Watch:  Streaming on Amazon Prime
Day:  Friday 06/05/2020
Time:  8:30 PM

hashtag:  #tigerdye

Let's pause the movie here and wait on my signal:

the name that means "quality?"

Let's watch a movie about a grown man who walks around like it's okay to keep your ferrets in a duffel bag.*  He also has a large cat and a bird.  And Tanya Roberts!  And many, many muscles.

It's a pre-"V" Mark Singer in a fantasy movie I haven't seen since high school.  This is one that if you ask any dude between the ages of 52 and 40, they will swear this movie is good.  But very few of us have watched it since, say, 1991.  We don't really know.

In fact, aside from Mark Singer wearing a loin-cloth and constantly surrounding himself with animals (get a dog, Mark.  Sheesh.), I don't really remember what the movie is even about.  Probably an evil army that needs defeating.

Understandably, Conan: The Barbarian costs something to watch, so we're not doing it.  I am also furious that Amazon has the balls to actually charge for:

  • Krull
  • Sheena
  • Red Sonja
  • Conan: The Destroyer
  • Clash of the Titans

and many, many other films that I would immediately watch if they were not $4.  But Beastmaster is free to stream with Prime, so we're doing it.

Seriously, Red Sonja is the bomb.

*I mean, we all knew that guy in college, and he seemed colorful at first and then, eventually, you realized he just kind of sucked.  Ferrets are great, and I loved them when my brother kept a couple of them, but they are not meant to go places with you so you can use them in place of a personality.

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