Friday, October 30, 2020

Halloween at League HQ - 2020 (a brief tour)

and, yes, Scout wandered into the picture there at the bottom

It's Spooky Season at League HQ.  We did do some indoor decorating this year.  However, some of this stuff is up all year long.  For example:  My Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein posters are always a feature in The Hall of Gentlepersons.

Up top on the bookshelf, I keep a signed pic from the dreamiest of scream queens, the late Julie Adams

I also have picked up a few "mad science" doo-dads over the years.  So, in October, Ron Swanson sits between artifacts of the lab of Dr. Frankenstein.

Also, an official Dr. Frankenstein door chime.

A skull under glass is a classy touch.

And then, of course, Scout is scared of everything, so she makes a good participant.

Some Universal Monsters hang out in the dining room.

Even I am not immune to the powers of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

And Mickey and Minnie watch from the fireplace with beady eyes.

These came with a DVD set I got years ago.  Still one of my favorite things, and I should probably find a way to just have them out all the time.


We got this plastic skeleton decades ago, and neither of us remember where, but it's our oldest Halloween decoration.

I picked this up about 2-3 years ago, and I love it.  It looks like Jamie when she's had a martini.

Speaking of up all year, this stuff is up on shelves all year long.  No secret that we're collectors (and trying not to cross over into "hoarders").  This stuff is mixed in with Star Wars, Batman and general sci-fi stuff on the finest shelves Ikea can provide.  Never say we don't keep it spooky at League HQ.

Sci-fi scares and whatnot.

Universal Monster party

Bride of Frankenstein

Elvira, Jaws and Ingrid Pitt/ Countess Dracula

Happy Halloween, you guys and ghouls!


Jenifer said...

Imma come over and play with your toys someday

The League said...

That would be fantastic. Let's end this pandemic so we can speed that along.