Sunday, April 22, 2012

Signal Watch Watches: The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

One cannot talk about this movie without SPOILERS.  If you have not seen the movie and plan to see the movie, please do not read this post until such time that you have seen The Cabin in the Woods (2012).

So, seriously, go away.  Just...  Look, I'm recommending it for horror fans, so just go see it and don't ruin it for yourself.  In fact, don't read anything about this flick.  Just go see it.

If you have seen the movie or do not plan to see the film?  Stick around.

So....  Those other guys gone?

Ha ha ha haha...  Oh, mercy.

That was one funny movie.  I just really enjoyed it.  A perfect Saturday matinee movie with a pal who loves horror movies the way Si does.

I don't know that it's a "run out and see it in the theater" sort of experience, but its definitely one I'd tell people to check out as a renter or Netflix if they're at all familiar with the tropes of horror flicks.  Really, has it been this long since I went to a test screening of Scream?

I'm not a horror buff, not unless you're talking about Universal Horror films from pre-WWII.  But even with my very low Horror-Q, I think I was able to really enjoy a movie that set out to be a lot smarter and more fun than the set up of sexy co-eds going to a cabin in the woods ought to be.  Anyway, I was laughing very, very hard during pretty good chunks of this film.  Its just a great mix of horror and comedy, right from the start.

I'll tell you where I went from snickering to straight up gut busting laughter:  where one of the monsters at the end chunks a security guard over a rail and the giant cobra pops up and eats him.  Something about the madcap mayhem of that scene totally won me over if I'd ever had any doubt.  I just loved the joyous embracing of mayhem the movie celebrates pretty much from the pre-title sequence.

And what can you say about Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford in the movie?  Two veteran character actors just turning in golden performances that both fit and surpass what they're known for.

Oh God.  The Unicorn!


I really hope you didn't try to read this without seeing the movie, first.

Anyway, I appreciated the obsessive attention to detail by the filmmakers, the brilliance of the mega-trap that was the cabin, the greater explanation and suggestion about every other horror film you've ever seen...  really, in some ways, this is the The Last Horror Show.  What's the point after this one?

I dunno.  What'd you guys think?
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