Saturday, April 28, 2012

Today is Our 12th Wedding Anniversary

Not too long ago the joint families in the Austin area met up for brunch at Green Pastures in South Austin.  If you go, try the Milk Punch.  Seriously.

Some snap shots were taken and I will share a few as, for once, I was not sweating or in a Superman t-shirt.

I am reminded, as I so often I am, of how lucky I am to have the family I've been dealt, and that my wife is one fantastic dame.

Just look at her.  Here you can see that she's stunning, but what you can't see is how great she is, and that she is my very bestest pal.  And she is.  Every day I get to wake up knowing how lucky I am.  Except on weekends when she thinks its funny to wake me up by letting dogs leap on me.  Then I curse her name.

By the way, we got married at this place on April 28th, 2000, so it holds some very nice memories.  I was also thinner, younger and generally nicer back then.  I think my shoulders sloped less in those days.

and the whole clan:

(left to right:  AmyD, Jason, KareBear, The Admiral, Judy/m.i.l., DocDik, Jamie and yours truly)
I used to get annoyed that my folks left the date/ time burn on the images, but these days I just think its nice to know exactly when these things happened.  It will certainly remove any questions in the future.

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