Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lost Finale Night

Lost's most complex character?

We at the Signal Watch have been continuous, if not always enthusiastic viewers of ABC's "Lost". In our hearts, we sort said good-bye to the show when Elizabeth Mitchell was announced as the star of ABC's (now known to be embarrassing) re-tread of "V", the 80's pop culture phenomenon, and we knew we'd lost Juliet forever.

So tonight, we're joining Troubles herself on the sofa and watching the whole finale.

Good night, Island.

Good night, Dharma Shark.

Good night, Hurley.

Good night, John Locke.

Good night, Smokey and Jacob.

Good night, Juliet. We will miss you most of all.

Oh, Juliet. We'll miss you and your clingy island apparel.

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Ransom said...

All we can do is weep.