Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Super Bored

I've been in a lousy mood for days. Between coming off of vacation, some cognitive dissonance, North Korea acting crazy, the BP oil spill, and my inability to basically have enough hours in a day... I'm a little down, which makes it tough to find FUN things to talk about. And, dammit, I'm here for fun.

So, I apologize if this week has seemed a tad off.

This evening I decide to shake off the blues.

Anyway, I had nothing in particular to write about, so I thought I'd share an evening at home at The Watch Tower.

Ah. An evening to myself in the Justice Lounge. SuperTed and I decide to kick back with some fine reading.

Just settled in, Scout surprised me with a request.

Puppies like comics. These two were intent on having comics read aloud to them while they looked at pictures.

Afterward, they insisted on playing "Legion of Super Pets". Lucy wanted to be "Proty II". Scout wanted to be SuperScout. Jeff the Cat was cast as "Stupid Cat", and was chased.

Ryan S. sez: Comics are good for the physical and mental development of all puppies. Read comics to your puppies every day.


rhpt said...

Is that *the* cape? Or just some red curtains?

The League said...

That is a cape. It is not THE cape. The cape in pictures is from my Halloween costume.

Paul Toohey said...

I think the "soon to be summer" funk is going around. I sure feel it. I also don't have the benefit of capes or dogs to help shake it off.

*the* cape? Please explain.

The League said...

*The* cape is upstairs in The Fortress. I think Erin and Joy toured The Fortress during the B-Day shindig, but I neglected to include yourself in that tour.