Friday, June 25, 2010

Superman meets Jerry Lewis

My life was improved 150% today when I stumbled across this comic in the bin at Half-Price books for $3.00.

If only there were a "Batman meets Cary Grant" or "Tony Stark drinks heavily with Frank" comic I could buy. Heck, I'd take a "Ant Man shares a cab with Joey Bishop" or "Red Tornado gets stranded at the airport with Norman Fell" comic.

Unfortunately, I don't believe any of these great ideas ever happened. It doesn't mean that they shouldn't have happened.

Also, sadly, today's celebrities do not lend themselves particularly well to meeting superheroes. "Wonder Woman meets Snooki" doesn't do much for me.

But maybe "Ray Palmer meets The Mythbusters...?" Call me, publishers. I am full of ideas.


Fantomenos said...

Christopher Hitchens meets John Constantine?

They get drunk, and Hitch refuses to believe in any of the metaphysical adventures that ensue...

The League said...

Or maybe Constantine and CarrotTop?