Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!!!

Hey Hey!!! Happy Halloween, Signal Corps!

The KareBear ordered us a lovely Halloween Bouquet before she departed for Kenya (yes, she was in Kenya fitting folks with glasses once again!).    As you can see, these lovely flowers are terrifying.

Its a boooooo-quet!
We'll be handing out candy and hanging with any Corpsmen who decide to make an appearnce at The Fortress.  And, yes, I'll be in my Superman duds.

I hope you find the most sincere pumpkin patch to sit in, and your bag does not fill with rocks.

And, of course, I hope that Solomon Grundy does not make an appearance at your house looking for candy.

Yes, that's Superman saving "The Dude" from Solomon Grundy

Happy Halloween!

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