Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I am sick


Saturday, during the horrendous loss of the UT Longhorns to the mighty Baptist Bears of Baylor, I began to feel a bit poorly.  I assumed it was a mix of a day in which I'd been a been a bit lazy and the blues over the slipping fortunes of the UT Longhorns.

Jimmy's chart suggests things are going poorly
Anyway, despite a Wootstock-related energy surge last night, by the time we got home, I wasn't feeling good at all.  Then I woke up, thinking I felt ducky, and went off to go get a filling repaired (a filling fell out at some point last week), and was making noise about going to work when I got home. 

Dr. Brunson is actually a lot nicer than this
Ten minutes on the sofa, and the cloud settled again.  I'm still feeling funky, and I am 95% certain I've passed this bug on to Jamie.  I guess I should tell her I'm using her tootbrush when she's not looking.

I only get sick every so often, so at least I can check this one off the list for a while, I suppose.  But I'll either be blogging a whole lot or not at all, illness dictating.

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