Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Austin Comic Con November 12-14

Nerds in Texas may want to know that the Austin Comic-Con begins November 12th.  I've got my pass and will be going for a bit on all three days, I think.

I'd previously mentioned that Paul Levitz would attend the Con, and that no longer seems to be true.  There's some talent showing up, certainly, but this blogger is a little sad to see Levitz struck from the list of attendees.

However, they've announced some additional guests.

Adam West AND Burt Ward!!!!  That's worth the price of admission right there!

Bill Sienkiewicz! - if you guys knew me at all back in the day, you'd know what a fan I am of this guy's work.

Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner!

And the dude playing John Stewart in the upcoming GL movie:  Nick Jones!  That's cool.

Peter Mayhew!

Doug Jones!  - he was Abe Sapien and the SIlver Surfer

Walter Koening!

The Soup Nazi!

Lee Leffingwell - Mayor of Austin? (no, I have no idea why)

Oddly, I have not been asked to do a signing or host a panel, which I find shocking.  With readership as high as up to 18 readers, you'd think The Signal Watch panel would be a draw of up to 2 people, and that's gonna move some tickets.

Oh, well.  maybe in 2011.

This thing is going to be absoludicrous.


Anonymous said...

Your life is so exciting. Makes me jealous.

The League said...

I'm going to assume you're being facetious, otherwise, I have way oversold my personal life.

Anonymous said...

The Soup Nazi????


The League said...

I know. I don't understand, either.