Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Sort of Hiatus

I am currently planning on taking a few days away. I'm just behind on many, many things at home, at work, in comics, etc... and I want to catch up.

Of course, should the mood strike me or if the sort of news that seems important to me and the context of this site crops up during the week, well... then you'll likely hear from me.

Basically, I am already thinking about getting ready for the Holidays a bit. We'll be holding court on Thanksgiving here at our humble abode, so should you need a place to dine on Turkey Day, just give me a holler and we can set a seat aside for you. Part of my routine leading up to the holidays is to straighten out my, ahem, collection(s). And I am increasingly noticing that I have gotten very good at having numerous cubby holes in which to toss junk.

Most of the time, this works well for me. I actually have a pretty good handle on what is where. But when I can't find something, I tend to re-examine the whole operation. What I've lovingly called myself as a "pack-rat" is likely hoarding kept in check by the knowledge that Jamie isn't going to tolerate full on crazy piles of stuff everywhere (and, frankly, I'm not nuts about straight-up mess, either). And while its not actually hoarding (we don't wander between towers of newspapers), the side-effect of collecting is that you do, indeed, need to cull the whole shebang every once in a while.

Of course the comics will need to be culled, but, I also just have... stuff. I have reels left over from film school, something I haven't used since the mid-1990's, and which technology has leapfrogged in a not-insignificant way. I have endless USB cables, power cables, VGA cables, etc... all of which I am certain that if I get rid of that item... I am screwing my future self. Today I sat looking at a 3.5" floppy adapter. I finally agreed with myself I can let it go.

But I also found 3 years' worth of paystubs from the job I had in Arizona. That was two jobs and 4 years ago. I didn't even know I had those, but I do.

Anyway, that's not what I will be doing, exactly, but it does sort of put an exclamation point on the fact that I should be doing more and sitting at the laptop maybe a little less for a spell. I need to tend to the house, I need to catch up on some reading (or what will I talk about here?), and so on and so forth.

So... sorry for the break.

Let me know if you're thinking of heading to the Austin Comic Con this weekend.


Simon MacDonald said...

I too am a pack rat. I'm going to have to do a pruning of my collection of what I lovingly call "stuff". I think it is time to get rid of my Starman trades as I have the first 5 omnibus now so it doesn't make sense to have them taking up twice the space on my bookshelf.

I wish I was going to the Austin Comic Con this weekend but my boss still hasn't come up with a free trip for me to Austin. Someday, someday...

Matt A. said...

My wife and I are considering going. I'd like to see Adam West, and my wife is wanting to push her new book.

The League said...

Well, that's very, very cool. Email me if you're going and we'll meet up!