Saturday, November 13, 2010

I totally do not have any pictures of Poison Ivy from the Austin Comic Con

Dear internet,

Yes.  I was also at the Austin Comic Con yesterday.  I also saw the young lady dressed as Poison Ivy, and I also noticed she was nigh-naked. 

I can also see that you, internet, ran home and immediately began Googling for images of this young lady.  Your reasons are your own, but thanks to Sitemeter, I can see the search terms used to land on Signal Watch.

I did not take pictures of Miss Ivy.  You will not find them here.   Good luck finding those images elsewhere.

And may God have mercy on your souls.

This is my new "Ann Coulter naked".  A tragic way to get a spike in hits.


The Signal Watch Editorial Staff


Dug said...

Oddly enough I happened across the same post Googling for "nigh-nude Lou Ferrigno". Your post was the sole result.

The League said...

Well, obviously I have lots and lots of pictures of Mr. Ferrigno in the nigh-nude. Most of them are my own photoshop work.