Tuesday, January 11, 2011

History of the Batmobile

This has been making the rounds a bit, and a couple of you have chucked it my way (thanks for that, btw, PaulT and MattA!).

I've said before and I'll say it again:  As much as I'm a fan of Batman and his cast of characters, I'm a fan of the very loose concept of the Batmobile.

"yeah, just a minute.  I think this guy wants his phone back..."

Anyway, for those of you who know the Batmobile from the old TV show or movies, in the comics, every artist who comes onboard wants to add their bit to Batlore, and generally the editors seem to be willing to let artists cook up new looks for the Batmobile to build on previous looks, tie in with existing, recent model cars, etc...

Anyhow, here's an absolutely stunning graphic I think you guys might enjoy.  

Click below for website that will launch you to the full image.

Click here for full graph!
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horus kemwer said...

I'm surprised this chart doesn't mention the tank-style "batmobile" in issue 2 of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (1986). Although it only makes a minor appearance there, it's surely a significant inspiration for the Nolan batmobile in The Dark Knight, I would have thought . . .

The League said...

Yeah. And the one from "Batman: The Cult"


It was sort of a retro-active suggestion that this was the predecessor to the one in DKR.

I just love how crazy this thing looks.