Tuesday, January 11, 2011

iPhone comes to Verizon

It looks like iPhone is finally coming to Verizon in February. I am not one who cares all that much as I haven't drunk the Kool-Aid on Apple product, but it's nice to have the option. Its time for my upgrade, and I am well aware that the iPhone has a lot more apps, etc...

Really, part of me wants to get an Android just so I can give that blank look to Apple-Zombies when they start insisting I've made the wrong choice. I confess, that look of anxiety and consternation I get in reply is just really gratifying.

Verizon's announcement page.


rhpt said...

If you do want to get the iPhone, wait until this summer when Apple announces this year's model. It's a bit of a scam that VZW announces the iPhone 4 only months before the new model is out.

The League said...

ha. Yeah, because that's SURE to be the last version of the iPhone we'll see in the next year.

I have no doubt whatever comes out next will be better. I also have no doubt that some folks will be wetting themselves waiting for the newest version. But, as we all know with Apple, a newer, shinier version will be coming six months later. So I should wait for that?

I think I'll get an Android.

The League said...

You understand, between (a) being told for the past four years that iPhone was coming to Verizon in a 3-4 month window from whatever the date was for the past 3 years, and (b) always being told "no, wait, there's a better one coming", I just can't take any of this very seriously anymore.

rhpt said...

Resistance is futile.

Simon MacDonald said...

Okay, basically the announcement from Verizon was to say that you could now get an iPhone on their network. They are able to do that as the 3 year exclusivity contract that Apple signed with AT&T has expired.

You'll notice that Apple was event present at the announcement as they don't really care too much. They are readying the iPad 2 announcement which we expect to be in February. Then sometime in June/July we expect the next version of the iPhone.

The big thing for you Americans is at least you have a choice of what network to get your iPhone on.