Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Merges with the Infinite

Kids of my generation likely think of Elizabeth Taylor as the kooky lady from the White Diamonds commercials and a friend to Michael Jackson. Or, possibly, they know of her doomed romance with Richard Burton and her starring role in Cleopatra.

I suppose folks younger than myself really don't know much about her at all.

Frankly, I haven't seen a whole lot of Ms. Taylor's work (not even Lassie Come Home), but I'd hate to not mention the passing of a screen icon, entertainment royalty and a really good looking dame.

Seems like a good week to finally watch Giant.


rhpt said...

I remember seeing a photo of a young Elizabeth Taylor and being completely knocked out by her looks. It's going to be like that for us 50 years from now when Scarlett Johanssen (for lack of a better example) dies and none of our kids knew of her Just that she was some old lady who used to be in movies.

The League said...

Yeah. I remember walking past the cover for the VHS copy of "Butterfield 8" in high school and thinking "THAT is Liz Taylor? Ok, the hoopla makes MUCH more sense now..." But as the movie did not feature robots or lightsabers, I still didn't rent it.

Steven said...

Having just seen the new "Jane Eyre," I can still recall the (best) version with Welles where the doomed friend of Jane (Helen) was played by the very young Elizabeth Taylor: one could see she was destined to glue eyes to screens.