Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Captain America Trailer Hits

don't tell me this doesn't look like Cap, because this is more or less Cap as I understand him and for the past decade, this has been pretty much exactly Cap.

Still, its a little weird to see the Hydra stuff in the middle of a WWII movie.


Simon MacDonald said...

This looks like a movie I want to see along with Thor. Marvel seems to be setup well this summer.

The League said...

I am mostly concerned that I don't trust the director to put any "oomph" into his movies, but we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that every scientific experiment in the movies blows out the consoles??? Do the miliarty and genius scientists always cheap out on fuses and a backup APC? Sheesh.


Simon MacDonald said...

I was listening to a podcast today where Foley guys (audio engineers) complain that directors make them put in dumb sounds like klacking keyboards and annoying beeps from computers because they feel it ratchets up the dramatic tension. They just roll their eyes and collect their paycheck. I'm guessing exploding consoles is just another example of this type of behaviour.

The League said...

Well, I imagine its how in Movieland, computer displays print out each letter individually, on a black screen in a green font, each character making a separate "beep" when each letter appears. That kind of made sense in 1984 (sort of). But today its just hilarious.

Also, in movies, nobody uses MS, Apple, Google, Yahoo! or any recognizable computer tool, and the UIs are always nightmarish except for the EXACT function needed for the movie.

But exploding consoles? I blame Gene Roddenberry.