Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh, right. I have a blog.

Hey.  So...  I am at a conference in Orlando, right outside the gates of Disney World.  I am still unsure if I will have time, money or the inclination to actually go to Disney World while I am here.  I only have about 8 hours to do so, so it would be one park and done.  I keep thinking I really DO like The Magic Kingdom, and I haven't been in a decade.  And its also the most likely place I'd stumble into Donald Duck, so it might happen. 

The conference is actually very nice, and I had a lovely dinner out this evening with some folks from a vendor.  I have literally never seen a swordfish steak as big as the one I ate tonight.  Much like The Old Man and the Sea, in the end, the swordfish defeated me, only with a sad lack of poetry, symbolism or story.

Jamie and I now both have iPhone 4's, and so its been nice to do face-to-face video-conference-style chatting since we're not together.  Its nice to see her while we're talking since I won't be home until Saturday.

I am tired, and so that's all you'll get from me this evening. 

Oh, except this, which is for Nathan as he works his way through a few Sophia Loren movies as he's working on an article.

there's nothing that a little Sophia Loren can't make better


J.S. said...

Swordfish steak? I pay taxes! You should be eating at McDonald's!!

The League said...

Oh, I didn't pay, and neither did Texas. God bless vendors and expense accounts!