Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DCnu Reveals: Young Justice-ish type stuff

I don't have time for this, but I'm doing it anyway.

Today's batch of DCNu releases was comprised of a bunch of titles centering on DC's teen heroes.  Here's the scoop.

-Legion Lost  Time lost, that is!  Because this worked so well in Countdown, a squad of Legionnaires will be lost in our present time.  Fabian Nicieza writing (who I realize - I don't think I've read his work in a decade, so no opinion) and Pete Woods, who I like, on art.  The lineup looks cool, though.  I...  will probably pick this up and see how I like it.

-Legion of Superheroes - I'd lie if I said I thought THIS was the change that would get me to quit reading Legion.  Right now I think a court injunction will be what stops me buying Legion no matter what's going on in the main Legion book.  Its a sickness.  I actually really like Paul Levitz's writing, so there.

-Teen Titans - REBOOT! 

ha ha ha...  Okay, roll out the REAL costumes now.

I don't know who half of these characters are (but if that's the new Miss Martian on the bottom corner, that's hilarious).  And for some reason Robin's new outfit is getting a lot of flack, but...  man, that's nothing compared to the look on Superboy.  That is awful.  I thought the jeans were kind of silly.  Anyway, I'll say I never thought the Red Robin costume looked good anywhere but in Ross's paints in Kingdom Come, and I find the 90's-pouch stuff on Red Robin far sillier than the cape.*

I have no thoughts on the creative team.  I dunno. 

Static Shock #1 - You're taking him out of Dakota?  Why?  Anyway, this is a likely title I'll sample.

Hawk and Dove - Oh, man, DC.  Its like telling me I get to eat a delicious turkey sandwich, but there's going to be someone smoking cloves at the table.  I like writer Sterling Gates' work on Supergirl, but I have a hard time with Rob Liefield's work.  I know he's got supporters and detractors, but I don't see me picking this up.

*seriously.  We're harping on this when nobody will redesign Hawk's should doo-hickeys?  I think this is one of those cases of "if we hadn't grown up looking at Batman's ears and cape, we might think it looked kind of dumb, too".


Simon MacDonald said...

This is the least interesting of all the announcements to me. Looks like Teen Titans is going to be a hot mess. I can't wait to see how they retcon some of these characters into existence with the de-aging of the big three plus Flash. This totally looks like it could be an early 90's image book.

I'm so glad to see Liefeld has been working on this anatomy. I mean it only looks like Hawk's torso is 6 feet long instead of 8. My Gawd! Why do they keep giving this guy work. You just know the book is going to be plagued with details and I believe the first fill in artist will drop in on issue #4.

The League said...

I don't get what's so hard about Teen Titans. But it sure seems like the idea of teens with a club is just too much.

Simon MacDonald said...

Sad really considering the Wolfman/Perez run was so great and the Geoff Johns relaunch was another great run so the ability to tell a good Teen Titan story is out there.