Friday, June 10, 2011

Nothing is less edgy than things which tell you they are edgy: The latest batch of DCNu

I'm trying to keep my natural tendency to roll my eyes at anything labeled "EXTREME" keep me from reading the actual descriptions of these books.  I only briefly delved into the Wildstorm universe, enjoying The Authority for a spell until I felt like the joke had been beaten to death and was now doing a Weekend at Bernie's.

Today's solicits are an odd mix, and its clear that DC is shooting everything through the pipe before they unveil their Superman sleight.  But that's fine.

Stormwatch - Well, okay.  This is pretty clearly an attempt to bring the Wildstorm characters across the Bleed and into the DCU.  I don't get the addition of J'onn J'onnz to the lineup other than to get J'onn fans like myself to pick up a book we didn't pick up when it was Stormwatch or The Authority.  It does make me wonder if DC will implement its new ratings system on this book or if its going to water it down, thus raising questions about "why does this exist"?

Blackhawks - I don't know what to make of this.  It seems planes were always central to the Blackhawk concept, and I quite liked the idea DC had pitched in recent years of the Blackhawks being a super-squad of pilots under the command of the UN.  There's some element of that here, but...  somehow I don't see myself rooting for mercenaries month after month unless the writing is whip smart.  I'm going to give it a look see, and the truth is, I never actually read any of the original Blackhawk stuff, any of the reboot "now we're superheroes" Blackhawk stuff or the 80's Blackhawk stuff.  What I will say is...  without the historical angle, I'm not sure what DC is trying to sell me here, because its sort of devoid of details.

Sgt. Rock and The Men of War - Oh, so you turned Rock into a Blackwater operative?  Classy, DC.  Just on principle, no.  I can't tell you how disappointing this is.  Joe Kubert should just punch you in the @#$%ing face.

All-Star Western - Heh.  Yeah.  This looks like my kind of book.  Hex, other DC western heroes mixing it up in DC's past?  Yeah.  I'm way, way behind on Palmiotti and Gray's Hex, but I think I'll just pick up here.

Deathstroke - Another mercenary book?  I knowits Deathstroke, but...  the guy is a supporting character.  This book could surprise me, but I doubt it.

Grifter - oh, hey, a book that looks like its vaguely about a mercenary, but its got the plot to "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's starring vehicle They Live.  I'm good, thanks.

OMAC - I've concluded that two people get to deal with OMAC.  One of them is Jack Kirby and the other is Greg Rucka.  And nobody should let Dan Didio write a comic.  So, as much as I want to read a good OMAC comic, I'm betting this will not be a good OMAC book.

Blue Beetle - well, I like the character in general, and when Bedard isn't just phoning it in, he's actually okay.  And they're getting back to the "Reach" storyline that totally worked.  Why they didn't rehire Rogers is a bit of a mystery, but...  okay.

Suicide Squad - Always one of my favorite DCU concepts, and one that I'll always take a look at in any incarnation.  A bit disappointing they didn't have Ostrander working on the book, but I'll take a look.


TomO. said...

I've been surprised at how well received the Wildstorm characters have been (well, well received for the internet, anyway). I expected complete across the board condemnation. I have to say that a couple of these are actually tempting me. I have fond memories of Wildstorm producing some good stuff, so I'll give Stormwatch and Grifter a shot.

All-Star Western is a no-brainer. Hex was the one character I was worried about most during the relaunch rollout. It's good to see he'll still be around with Palmiotti and Gray at the helm.

War comics have never been my thing, so I really have no opinion on the one's solicited other than wait and see what kind of mood I'm in when they're released.

Blue Beetle and Suicide Squad are a welcome couple of wild-cards that I didn't see coming.

It's too bad to see the only book Giffen land is a DiDio co-written one, but you can't win 'em all.

So are we getting Superman announcements today, or are they waiting for that Jim Lee/Geoff Johns Superman festival thing going on on Saturday that they made a big deal about announcing a forthcoming Superman-related announcement at.

Simon MacDonald said...

Yay Didio gets to write another book, won't that be awesome? I'm sure Zombie Jack Kirby is trudging his way towards the DC offices now to eat Didio's brain. PLOT TWIST! Zombie Jack is disappointed to find out Didio has no brain.

Anyway, I'll get All-Star Western and Blue Beetle out of this list. Actually, I've told my LCS to order me the following books:

All-Star Western #1
Animal Man #1
Batgirl #1
Batwoman #1
Blue Beetle #1
Demon Knights #1
Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE #1
Justice League Dark #1
Justice League International #1
Swamp Thing #1
The Fury of Firestorm #1

That's about 11 more single issues than I pick up on a regular month. Some of the other books I'll look to pick up digitally when the price drops a dollar but kudos to DC for getting me to pick up some singles again.

I'd be interested to see you list too but I bet you want to wait until after the Super book announcement.

Anonymous said...

Superman sleight??


The League said...

Thanks for writing in, team! Thia has been fun. I'll do a whole list soon.

So, Superman sleight was released today and I guess I didn't realize that was all 52 titles. But, anyway, I'll post on that this evening.