Saturday, July 9, 2011

Trying Not To Be Dead: Thanks for the support, team!

I wanted to add a quick post and say thanks for all the positive feedback/ reinforcement on my post about Trying Not to Be Dead.

I am pretty sure I'm, like, five weeks away from achieving Ferrigno-ness
Bob, I'm not sure I'm quite ready for a triathlon, but you will be the first to know when I am.

As per the calendar thing - its a terrific idea!  I think I know where I'll put it, and everything.  However, I will likely wait until August when the 16 month calendars debut.  Who knows?  They might be out now.

And, I already eat some cottage cheese.  Its a delicious treat.  But... how about a Wagon Wheel?

Mostly, I swapped out my other snack foods for carrot sticks.  That seems to have helped.  Jason knows I will power through a bag of apples, but they're not always in season (especially Red Delicious), etc...  And I get really grossed out by oranges that are out of season.  Also: trying not to eat chips at Tex-Mex places (or skipping Tex-Mex).  Stuff like that.  And I've been trying to avoid guacamole, which I think is pretty much awesome, so that hurts.

But just not having junk around the house is helpful.  Of course, after our 4th of July party SOMEBODY (and I'm not naming names) left some delicious fudge at our house that calls to me in the wee hours.

Oh, and diet soda.  The problem is:  diet soda is like carbonated environmental catastrophe, and studies keep coming out saying that its going to make you fat, anyway (which, honestly I totally do not comprehend) so I try to drink those canned, carbonated waters from HEB (ie: generic La Croix).  Secret hint:  of everything at my 4th of July fiesta, that stuff went fastest.  Who knew?

Things I need to do better in the short-term:

  • If I know I'll be out in the evening, work out in the morning.  That's how I wind up missing days.
  • Get that calendar system going.
  • Try not to abuse the "you get to eat whatever you feel like 1 day per week" rule.  
  • Probably put down the computer now and go work out.


Anonymous said...

I want you to stay fat and out-of-shape just like me.

The League said...

Grimace?!!! Is that you, buddy?

Simon MacDonald said...

Congrats on making the commitment to get in shape. It can be done so don't get discouraged. I started university as a 130 lbs stick and ended the 5 years as a 182 lbs blob. It took me over a year to get down to a healthy 155 lbs which is about what someone of my body type and height should weigh.

Working out is great but it's one of those 80/20 things where working out is the 20 and diet is the other 80. The biggest change I made to my diet was to stop drinking soda pop of all kinds. Once I stopped consuming all those empty calories things got easier.

I'd like to think that I'm in okay shape now but looking good isn't s concern for me either. I just want to stick around to be able to play with my grandkids and hopefully play hockey in my 60's like some other guys I know.

The League said...

Yeah, its the whole "let's not end up debilitated by age 70" thing I keep thinking about. And I know weight training is good for bones and joints if you do it without going crazy.

The diet thing is going to have to be a work in progress as my habits were so, so bad, that any step I take right now is pretty major. Luckily, I rarely eat fast food, so I haven't had to adjust much in that department. Its making better choices at home and when I'm out, and to not keep pretzels (and other snacks I'll go nuts) on in the house.