Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Forever Lazy" - so, are we going "Wall-E" or more "Idiocracy" with this one?

What really caught my attention was that this product pitches itself as essentially creating less work for the user than a Snuggie/ Slanket.

What then caught my attention was that this product has a butt-hatch, and is damned proud of this particular throw-back/ innovation.

Today, I am fascinated with the new product, arrived just in time for cold weather and the holidays - the "Forever Lazy" one-piece garment of regret.

I suppose it would be poor marketing to sell this thing as the "The Official Wardrobe of Just Giving Up".

I love the value statement ideas, like "party it up with friends".  As if I will (a) buy my friends "Forever Lazy" sweat inducers, or (b) that they'd have their own, and think its okay to wear over to my house.  And somehow pitching to people that they can better cuddle with their pets in these outfits speaks to the likely target market I suspect, of people who seek comfort at all times as they watch CBS programming with their 20 cats.

Yes, it WILL be the talk of your next tailgate if you go for broke and wear the thing in public.  It will also be the talk of anyone who walks past your tailgating party and you hear whispers of "was that dude really wearing a 'Forever Lazy' in public?".

I'm not denying that it looks like it would be soft and toasty, but I think you need to do some mental math before deciding you want to be seen in a product that really pitches the ease of pooping while never having to remove the outfit.

Kudos to the actors and models hired for this shoot.  You really sold the idea that donning a "Forever Lazy" will immediately fill one's empty soul with shame and self-loathing.


J.S. said...

Jesu de Cristo, how do you not think this thing is the greatest idea ever?!?! Every motherscratchin' member of our family is getting one of these from me this year, and I won't feel fulfilled until we're gathering around the table wearing them together for Christmas dinner! And to think that I almost settled for stopping my stylistic regression at the high school level- now there's a onesie for adults!!! I mean I've been looking at those smug little babies for years, but now they've got nothing on me!! If only they'd make one with a collar so I could wear it with a necktie to court...

The League said...

I see no reason we could not fashion you a collar and get you a cozy looking knitted tie.

But, yeah, I think that would improve X-Mas by 1,000 percent.

Anonymous said...

Don't even think about it.