Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Pics Not of Me

Oh, right.  If you have pics of you or your kids from Halloween, send 'em in.

Here's Peabo's kid, Owen, taking the fight for freedom to, what appears to be a Cap Metro bus.

Cap.  Cap Metro!  I crack myself up.

Kudos to Owen for a surprisingly accurate movie-Cap costume.

Let's hope justice doesn't mind tacking on an extra 30 minutes for the commute.


J.S. said...

Good photo! To quote one of my favorite bands, F for Fake, "Not everyone who rides the bus is crazy- but when a crazy person has to go somewhere they take the bus..."

Anonymous said...

Disney World tram on the way to Mickeys Not so Scary Halloween Parade. But it had all the charm of a Cap Metro - minus the crazies