Monday, October 31, 2011

Tricks or Treats at League HQ - A Photo Review

This evening was a raging success at League HQ. We had over 100 trick or treaters, handed out tons of candy and comics, and generally had a good time.

Signal Watch Pal, HeatherW joined us.

Our haunted manor
Our merry jack 'o lanterns
In addition to bowls of candy, we offered a selection of comics

The reason the jacket is there is because Nicole wore it for a costume thing on Friday

Superman sez:  The first one's free
We don't like to do Halloween alone.  Here's some of our pals.

HeatherW (aka "The Butterfly") and Jamie as Supergirl

neighbor kid, Max, went as "WaLuigi"

our heroes
Jamie and Jeff the Super Cat
Me and Super Lucy (she's so cute)
Super Scout was also excited about Halloween


Paul Toohey said...

You didn't try to recruit Heather as SuperOtherGirl?

The League said...

It is not League policy to insist upon the costuming of others. I think Heather knows she's welcome to dress as she doth please.

picky said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Love the enthusiasm.