Saturday, January 7, 2012

Movies 2012: MST3K watched Gamera

In the spirit of naming every movie I watch this year, with the help of Joel, Tom Servo and Crow, last night I watched Gamera.

You can watch it on Netflix streaming RIGHT NOW.

I don't know what one says about Gamera that hasn't been said before.  Its a movie about a 40-story, ancient, bi-pedal turtle that absorbs heat and energy as food (so missles, etc...  only make him stronger), spits it out as atomic mouth blasts and rampages like Godzilla with none of the motivation or style, but that turtle has joie de vivre.  Oh, and he can fly.  Its a mixed bag.

Mostly, we all come to Gamera to hate Kenny.  Because Kenny sucks.

Gamera to scale with a model of a boat.
Really, I can handle Godzilla movies on their own, but the only way to watch Gamera is with a healthy dose of The Satellite of Love.  I recommend watching with MST3K.


Matt A. said...

I love me my MST3k, and I've been rewatching what I can now that it's on Netflix streaming. However, this one was made really weird when you see it in perspective of the later Gamera movies. Gamera is supposed to be a protector of children, but doesn't seem to do that good of a job here.

Still, it's great to see the MST3k goodies again. I'd love to hear your review of Super Dragon Secret Agent.

The League said...

The great thing about revisiting MST3K is that I know the characters and some of the bits, but its been so long since I've watched the show on a routine basis, the actual movies and associated jokes are all lost to the mist of memory. Its like all-new episodes (if I were time-lost circa 1990).

I've added Super Dragon to my streaming queue. I totally do not remember that movie.

Its really Manos, Eeegah, Teenagers from Outerspace and a few others that I DO remembers all too well.