Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thanks to Randy!

The Amazing Rando, our own RandyT, sent me a surprise package in the mail.  No idea what inspired this outpouring of generosity, but with two Jill Thompson books and a vintage Planet of the Apes book, Randy wins the week for being my favorite person with whom I do not share a house or who is not related to me in some way.

Way to go, Rando!

 Step it up, Jim.


RHPT said...

Had I know you were such a huge Sandman fan, I would have also sent the other "Lil' Endless Book". Those are super fun. I was tempted to read them to Esme.

When I see Apes or Superman, I think of you.

The League said...

this is more than generous! And I am flattered that any sight of Apes or Superman sparks a thought of me.