Sunday, April 1, 2012

TV Round-Up: Shows I'm Really Missing

Of late, Jamie and I are running out of shows to watch.  Frankly, we've lost our enthusiasm for some of the shows we'd been watching as time seems to have taken its toll on whatever early creative explosions were occurring, giving way to predictable, redundant comedy or plotting turning the show into a 30-60 minute exercise in remembering better days.

Yes, I'm looking at you 30 Rock.  I've turned you off halfway through the episode the past two weeks.

But it reminds me that at least 30 Rock got a chance, again and again from NBC.  Other shows have either been cut down in their prime, or ended due to what I have to assume were business reasons before the show has finished really exploring the possibilities of the characters.

editor's note:  for clarification, from here to the end, its probably worth checking the calendar.

We mostly talk genre around here, so surely I am not alone in my despair amongst my friends here as I wonder aloud why Lexx ever went off the air.   A clear vision of man's future, at least as inspiring as Andromeda, or the oft mentioned Earth: Final Conflict.  All had something compelling to say about us as people, something that needed to go on for much longer than the limited schedules fate bestowed them.

But if I can indulge in Example Prime:  According to Jim.  

I am aware that many shows are lucky to see a single season, but with the complex plotting, nuanced characterization and fascinating growth of the characters in multiple modes from a sort of Sirkian exploration of family and class to a sort of pathos worthy of Von Trier, this slice of Americana received only 8 seasons in which to explore the lives of Jim, Cheryl, they're family and friends.  What more could we have learned by seeing Jim's eventual transition to retirement?  How would he and Cheryl have coped in Season 25 with the overdose death of Dana?  

There are so many lingering questions that only time and the room to let the characters really breathe in their space could have really bring the show to maturity and let longstanding trends with the characters bear fruit.

It seems impossible that 2009 saw the final (official) episode of the program, and I admit I'm a bit behind in my fan-fiction both prose and the skits and full episodes on my website http://geocities.accordingtoryan/\\3456#, but I think its worth keeping the vision of the show alive.  If Arrested Development can see a revival after its shaky ratings and confusing messaging, I'm fairly certain that the millions who watched According to Jim during its official run will be able to see this program see the light of day once more.  


Katar Hol said...

I feel the same way. I broke up with you Community halfway through the second season after one too many cutesie episode.

The League said...

Hey Katar! I've added an editor's note that may add some context. But, yeah, we're losing steam on Community here, too. It feels like its flailing a bit. Likely will watch a few more episodes, but it just doesn't feel like the old spark is there.

Fantomenos said...

Wait, you wrote a post about lack of quality TV the day Game of Thrones season 2 started?

Oh wait, April 1st!

Well played, sir...