Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just a couple of bucks for a good cause?

Hi, y'all!

In a couple of weeks, my family is coming together to take part in the Kidney Walk for The National Kidney Foundation.

  1. I walk around a lake
  2. You show your support for me or Jamie as a walker by donating a few dollars
  3. The money goes to The National Kidney Foundation
Most people don't think of The National Kidney Foundation immediately when it comes to fund raising.  The NFL does not have a "Kidney Awareness Week" where everyone wears a kidney bean on their helmet or anything fancy.

But chances are, if you know a diabetic (and you do), or you know someone with other kidney diseases (like Jamie), or you have kidneys (that's most of you, but not Jamie), then The National Kidney Foundation is your friend.

I'll be honest, many of you have already chipped in, and now I'm just getting competitive.  So if you've already given, thank you!  But...  Apparently there's a trophy at stake for the team that raises the most cash.  Our team is doing really well, but we could sure use your support.  Ie:  I WANT TO WIN THAT TROPHY.

Just FYI:  I am kicking ass in the fund-raising department, and I want to keep the momentum rolling.  I may actually be the top fund-raiser in Austin at the moment.  And I do not want to fall behind.

So, if you have a few dollars to spare, we'd really appreciate a donation for a good cause: ME WINNING.


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J.S. said...

If only there were a way for me to join the Southside Steppers...