Saturday, May 5, 2012

FCBD2012 at Austin Books

Free Comic Book Day is still going on all over the place! I, however, am done for the year.

I met up with PaulT, we visited the comics tent at Austin Books and Comics on Lamar, then went into the shop. I picked up a back issue and an action figure I was missing from my line-up (I'd already been to the shop this week). Then headed next door to Guzu Gallery where Paul picked up a couple of prints and I bought something for Jamie.

Then we went to House Pizza, and it was totally great.

But, FCBD!

While waiting in line, I got to meet vintage Catwoman.  She looked purrr-fect.  Yes, I just did that.

this pic came out weird because I'm holding a water bottle in my hand and didn't make fists

Apparently I was having hair issues today.  Too much product.

You can't go to FCBD and not get the annual picture with Sidekick Girl

I don't even think this is in her job description.  I think its just what she DOES.

We were allowed 10 comics from the tent.  I picked up nine because I cannot count.

In group A, we see Donald Duck Family, Superman Family, Escapegoat (a leftover from last year), and Atomic Robo and Friends

And here we see the hardcover free comic (I know, I don't get it either) for Mouse Guard, Ride, Graphic Elvis (just nice pictures of Elvis.  How was I to say no to that?), Dinosaus vs. Aliens and oddball offering, Animal Planet's World's Most Dangerous Animals.

All in all, a really fun day!

Now get out there and find some comics!


Simon MacDonald said...

Your FCBD looked much more entertaining than mine. We had the local 501st out in front of "The Comic Book Shoppe" here in Ottawa. That's not my regular LCS but they actually take part in FCBD while my regular store does not. At one point I was asked to take a picture of Darth Vader force choking a guy in a Star Trek uniform.

Sadly by the time I got there the Mouse Guard, Atomic Robo and Superman Family comics were gone. I was able to pick up Donald Duck, Adventure Time and the top shelf kids sampler so there is some good stuff there that Anna and I can read together.

I also picked up a copy of Chew 5: Major League Chew. The line was so long at the store I was able to read the whole thing before I got to the front to pay. So it seems like the day was a success for the shop.

Fantomenos said...

They were all out of free comics when I showed up to my LCS at 2. Good for them!

I did use the opportunity to lace up my sweet new shoes:

J.S. said...

Sorry I missed it. Had to get ready for Cinco de Mayo. Next year!!