Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Westward, Ho! Allison B and Chris Roberson flee Austin

In a day or two Allison B and Chris Roberson pack up and depart Austin for the untamed wilderness that is Portland, Oregon, where they will most certainly be eaten by a bear.

I shall miss their hospitality, and Austin in poorer for their departure.  It is an odd thing to find oneself in the company of a writer you truly enjoy and respect first, and then get to make their acquaintance as a family unit living in the same town.

Here's to a great family as they set off on an all new adventure.

Portland, be nice to these folks.   They're all right.   And please find them decent tacos.


Simon MacDonald said...

Based on the week I spent in Portland last year I'm sure they will be well received. The Comics community in Portland is bustling, there is always Powell's the incredible independent bookstore and the food trucks, oh the food trucks.

Jake Shore said...

Why's he moving up here?

Portland has its quirks (Portlandia only partially exaggerates), but I'm sure he'll like it. And Simon's right: Powell's Books is awesome. Great restaurants too. And the scenery's pretty awesome.

The League said...

As I understand it the reasons are 2.

A) Texas is insanely hot in the summer. They decided to move somewhere with a steadier climate and not in danger of drying out and burning to cinders.

B) It seems a huge number of comics people have moved to Portland, so there's a community component tied to a business component.

and, of course, they really like the city's layout and what it has to offer. Most longtime Austinites will only consider a few places to migrate if they have a choice, and Portland is in the top 5-10.