Friday, September 7, 2012

A few random things to take us into Friday

Movies 2012:  I watched John Carter again.  I don't want to talk about it.  It's a weakness.  On this go-round I really realized how far it strays from the novels, but I guess I like it well enough on it's own as a planetary romance.  And I really like both Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins.  But I sincerely doubt we'll be seeing a sequel.

Marvel:  Marvel has been running these ads for the "Marvel NOW!" project, I guess, and they all seem to have one word in a sort of overly aggressive font splattered in blood.  The latest said "SURVIVE."  With BLOOD on it!  Which seems like something I would have drawn in the margins of my notes for class in middle school trying to come up with something really hard-core and edgy, but being a kind of pudgy kid who hadn't kissed a girl yet.

your content-free totally edgy concept has really wowed me, House of Ideas
I am so too old for whatever it is they're doing over there.  But I know 13 year old me would have eaten that stuff up.

Taking a couple months off from consumer spending:  For the next two months I'm not going to order anything from Amazon, I'm not going to sponsor any Kickstarters, I'm going to the comic shop once per month and I'm sticking to my budget for the online purchasing of comics-related stuff.  I also want to see what survives the forced pickiness.  It's a routine time to prioritize.

I liked the idea of Kickstarter at first.  Maybe too much.  Basically, in recent months, I didn't think one of the projects I was sponsoring would make, and so I sponsored something else, and they both made, so I'm out the cost of both.  And, of course, you're still not just buying the item you wanted, you're paying a premium to feel good about being part of the process.

I don't feel any return on the latter portion anymore.  If I want to feel good seeing money go nowhere, there are pretty good causes that could use the money.

I can't breathe:  Yeah, I thought I was getting better, too, but this thing is just clinging on well past it's expected shelf-life, all while finding new ways to annoy me.  Like Justin Bieber, in it's own way.


Simon MacDonald said...

I'm completely with you on that consumer spending idea. I'm trying as hard as I can to resist spending money on stuff that I don't really need. As much as I want to fund the I Draw Comics project I can't justify spending the money on something that I won't ever use. I also purposefully did not reload my Starbucks card to keep me from those $5 latte and scone visits. We should have a contest to see who spends the least to keep each other honest.

The League said...

Hmmm... see, I think I will lose this on a dollar-by-dollar amount. Of course, I might win as last month was a trainwreck and even behaving myself moderately would look like a big improvement.

I say we compare percentage reduction from our July credit card statements to our end-of-October credit card statements and report percentage differences in spending that does not include auto repair, medication, or other necessities like sky-diving

Simon MacDonald said...

After seeing the Top Cow $3 sale today I will have to concede the victory to you.