Friday, February 15, 2013

End of a Long, Long Week

I had a very odd week, and I'm not able to focus my chi enough to get any blogging done today or really engage in social media.

Here's to hoping you kids are having a good one.


Fantomenos said...

gimlet? manhattan?

The League said...

These pretentious nerds called it a "Bouvadier". It was a Manhattan.

The better drink was the "Robert Johnson and the Devil", which I will be trying to reverse engineer based on the drink menu given to me by our lovely waitress.

The League said...

Here's the recipe from:

Robert Johnson and the Devil
redemption rye | benedictine | oloroso sherry
del maguey mezcal vida | chili syrup | fire & damnation bitters

J.S. said...

I just want everyone to note that you have the handwriting of someone who's clinically insane.

The League said...

I'd like to blame the track pad, but I don't think that's fair to the track pad.