Monday, April 15, 2013

A Pretty Nice Birthday

It was a pretty decent birthday.

Friday evening, Jamie and I had dinner with KareBear and The Admiral before they head off for Kenya for over a week.  Once again, they're travelling with a Lutheran outreach group that assists with eye exams an giving out glasses to folks in need.

Dinner was nice, but we had an odd moment when, around when we were ordering, a pair of young women walked past the open window we were near, did a double take and came back.  Then they stood there sort of smiling at us, then took out their phone and took a picture.  As near as I can tell, they thought we were someone else, and, I think, someone famous.  It kind of had to be us they were looking at, because there wasn't anyone behind us.  I have no idea who they thought we were, but when they show the photos to their friends, they're going to feel real disappointed.

Saturday we had a few folks over for drinks.  Thanks, if you dropped by.

your birthday boy, and pal-Sherry back there
You can't really tell, but Jamie made a Superman "S" on the cake with frosting.  And, yes, I was wearing a tie. What am I, a farmer?  Try cleaning yourself up every once in a while.

It was a lovely evening, but the festivities made getting up today a little rough.  We wrapped up the night with a pack of candy cigarettes and a bubble-gum cigar I'd picked up on Friday at the candy shop on South Congress - a sign that we're too old to be cool these days or we're all regressing to 3rd grade.

Got several cards and gifts, including from my brother and Amy, my cousin and my folks.  Jamie's family had sent cards and gifts along last week.

Jamie got me a watch that I both needed and am extremely pleased with.  It's not a Superman watch, before you ask, but it's a really nice timepiece.  The whole fad in gigantic watches has been welcome for me as I am sort of a gigantic person, so I like the big, clunky feel and look.

my bling

Thank you, my dove.

Thanks to everyone, especially to Matt and Nicole (they know why), and to everyone who wished me a happy b-day.  Here's to one more birthday in my 30's.

Normally it seems like each birthday is met by some small disaster, but this year we plowed through the whole weekend and all was well.  That's really the greatest gift of all, in many ways.

Met up with Matt, Nicole and Juan for Mad Men, and came home to see the latest bit of advertising for the new Superman movie.


Anonymous said...

The large watch face and prominent digits are really helpful to you older folks. Nice watch!


Jake Shore said...

Happy Birthday, man. Sounds like it was a good one. Welcome to 38.

J.S. said...

Nice partay!