Monday, May 11, 2015

Trip Diary - Friday, May 8th

Friday we seemed to have finally adjusted to the time difference.  Great, since we leave on Saturday.  We ate breakfast, then sort of hung out in the room for a bit and relaxed before heading off to a beach just north of the hotel.  It's a public beach called "Black Rock", which is odd as the rock is reddish and sand is white-ish, so who knows, I guess?

The waves pounded harder here than anywhere else we'd yet gotten in, and we both got slammed a bit against the bottom right after we stepped in.  Near the outcrop of rock where there's coral, there wasn't as much in the way of tough surf, so it was nice snorkeling, and we saw a good variety of fish, if not as densely packed as Thursday morning.

But, yeah, those waves.  I think I may have kind of busted my ankle.  We'll see how it is in the morning.  Nothing too serious, but not going to be much fun walking through airports and whatnot.

In the evening we went back to Lahaina for some souvenir hunting and to get some Hawaiian shaved ice.

She's pretty pleased.

It's been misting raining today, a very light spray you barely notice.  And, hey, it generated this lovely rainbow.

Our souvenir hunting complete, we started looking for dinner.  And, of course, you have to respect a good sunset.

And you can kind of make out a dude hanging ten out there on the last waves before sunset.

We ate at a kitchy-ish place called The Pioneer Inn, I believe.  Pretty decent Mahi and super fresh.  And the decor was decidedly sea-faring drinkers' stuff.  I'd love to know what the story was with the giant painting in the bar.

Tomorrow will be a pain as we pack up and check out at 11:00 AM for a 10:00 PM flight.  So we have time in Maui, just...  land-based, I guess.

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