Tuesday, February 23, 2016

If you see me on the news, it's going to be because I followed my lesser angels

So, a while back I scheduled myself to be at a conference at the University of Houston.  It's a small, local conference and important to my professional community.

And, ha ha, that is the same campus at the same time where the Republican Party has scheduled it's next debate.  That's right.  As I'm eating the most-food like substance librarian money can buy and talking about the excitement of Thesis and Dissertation workflow over a glass of iced tea, somewhere on that same campus, Trump, Rubio and Cruz will be hollering at each other.

It's gonna be a disaster.

I was working at Arizona State University when President Bush and Senator Kerry had a debate on campus, and it was one of the worst days at that job.  And that was a job where I pulled all-nighters and 100 hour weeks.  Basically, it was super loud and crazy on campus, and I failed to leave early (because I was working.  Like a chump.) and it took me two hours to get home as a post 9-11 Secret Service thought it wise to shut down all the useful roads.

So, we'll see what's up.  Could be fine, but I'm staying at a hotel on campus that I assume will be filled with press and party faithful, so, if I get no sleep Wednesday or Thursday night, I blame the free-wheeling ways of an overly-excited bunch of political conservatives loaded up on Pixie Sticks and too many sodas.

Basically, I'm saying - I may go dark for a few days.  Unless, of course, I see a news camera.  In which case - LOOK FOR ME.  Then, send bail.  Because I have a LOT to say about this election cycle.  Also: workflow for theses and dissertations.


J.S. said...

Who scheduled this? That person should be put in the dunking booth.

The League said...

Well, our event was scheduled a year out. So, it wasn't us - it was the UH and GOP scheduling this about three months ago. And, ha, funny thing. They held us to our contracts and we would have lost $3500 if we tried to move the event. On a non-profit, 30 attendee conference. Even though I suspect the hotel and catering would have made 10x that amount if they'd just cut us free and let the GOP have the catering and rooms.

Anonymous said...

Admit it - you are a closet Trump supporter! Or, just as bad, a Cruz supporter. And this is a way for you to participate (incognito) and not have your friends and co-workers in evil/liberal Austin find out.


The League said...

Alas, my girl Carly dropped out. With her smooth business acumen, she could have bankrupted the US and sold us off in parts, spinning off California for making ink jet cartridges and related businesses.