Saturday, July 16, 2016

Should We Watch Penelope Ann Miller or Jennifer Connelly? (The Shadow vs. Rocketeer)

yeah, yeah.  There's pulp superheroes in these movies too, somewhere, I guess

Hey, y'all -

It's been a while since we did a live tweet of a movie.

After watching The Phantom, I remember thinking we were going to do The Shadow or The Rocketeer as our next selection, and now I can't remember which 90's retro-throwback we were going to take on.  And, really, I don't care.  The real question here is, "which will we watch first?"

Shall it be the tongue-in-cheek Yellow Peril adventures of The Shadow?  Or the Retro-Joe Johnston stylings of The Rocketeer?  Both have a lot to recommend them, are full of fun and adventure, and both have excellent casting in the leading lady role.

So, speak up.

Plus, if you know what Friday night will work for you in the next few weeks, drop it in the comments.


RHPT said...

I recall it was THE SHADOW, but it's not streaming anywhere and I do not own a copy.

The League said...

Streaming on Amazon -
Buy on Amazon -

Streaming on Amazon -
Buy on Amazon -

And who doesn't own copies of both mvoies already? I mean, honestly.

Stuart said...

It was The Shadow, but I'm fine with either. (I second the who doesn't own both question; they're easily worth a buy.) The 22nd after 9:00 Central works for me. :)

Jake Shore said...

Jennifer Connelly. Is this really a debate?

Stuart said...

One thing's for sure though: thanks to this post I now want to see a 'The Shadow vs The Rocketeer' movie, with Penelope Anne Miller and Jennifer Connelly in the title roles.