Friday, September 10, 2021

A Favor to Ask - Can You Read a Thing?


I kind of figure the folks who follow this blog know me a little.  I've been doing this since 2003.  I've published something like 7400 posts between Signal Watch and League of Melbotis.  In there, there's been no small amount of writing and revealing of self.  

Since before 2003, on and off, I've noodled on a prose novel.  I'm in the last 1/4 of this thing, and can see the end on sight.  Which is exciting.  I can think about a second draft, I guess.

The ask:  Can you read as much of it as you stand?  And then send me whatever thoughts you have?  

You don't need to filter them - you can tell me whatever you like, even if it's "I hate it.  I hate everything about it."  That's fine.  It's not like, should this thing hit the light of day, someone won't say that online within 24 hours.

But feedback on confusing plot elements (and I am sure there are many), characters, motivations, scene and setting.  Any of it.  It's all feedback I can use.  Don't worry about punctuation and type-o's too much.  I always think people think I'm looking for a free copy-editor.  No, you're safe there.  

I'm looking at what works and doesn't work as a story or book.  

The problem:  It is exceedingly long.  As I mentioned, it's been going on for more than 2 decades.  I have lost all perspective.  It's 355 pages and not yet done.  

So, any feedback on where you gave up, why you felt you didn't want to go on, that's welcome information.  If it's the first fifteen pages, okay.  If it's page 200 and you're like "I have no idea why anything is happening", that's also useful.  So there's no commitment to actually finish the thing.

What it is:  It's a crime novel.  It takes place in the mid-1990's and follows a few young people as they get in over their heads and things go sideways.  Aside from that, I'd prefer to just let it speak for itself with minimum set-up.

But don't expect sci-fi or fantasy, I guess.  No super-heroes.  Just, you know, normal stuff.

Be aware:  As a movie, it would be a hard R rating for language, violence and partial nudity.  Characters' perspectives do not represent my own.  

If you want to participate:  Please email me at signalwatch at gmail dot com.  

We can do this however you like.  I would most likely send you PDFs for reading.  And then we can follow up however you like when and if you're ready.  Email.  Zoom.  Whatever.

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