Thursday, June 10, 2010

10 Things I Should Not Admit To

The Signal Watch is rife with admissions that may surprise people. I own no less than 2 capes of my own, and the dogs have their own capes. I have a collection of no less than 35 Batmobile toys. I have watched more "Sex and the City" than I ought. But, hey, if we're all going to get to know each other better here, then I think revealing some ugly truths about myself will help set some standards.

1) Yes, I am likely hiding your profile on Facebook.

2) I actually find a lot of those beer commercials where the guy has a misplaced love for beer over all else kind of funny, especially the first ten times or so. Less so by the 8th week of the football season.

3) I find "Flo" from the Progressive commercials oddly foxy

4) I have the best of intentions when NTT recommends a book, but I immediately forget to actually find and read the books he recommends.

5) Three years ago I bought the entire run of the DC series "Steel" in one shot for a 1/3rd of the cover price. But I've never read it. It's still in the plastic.

6) Sometimes, when nobody is looking, I watch reruns of "The Nanny".

7) Despite my professed interest in the dumb, I am always surprised when people assume I will go see a movie like "GI Joe" or "The A-Team" just because somebody made it. I have no clear definition of what constitutes a film or idea being so bad it passes to the awesome, but those won't meet that standard without box office failure and with 5-10 years of age behind them.

8) The "Death of Superman" storyline, probably the most famous Superman storyline, is not very good.

9) It is likely that the "One More Day" storyline in Spider-Man had more to do with my loss of interest in Marvel comics than I care to admit. And my overreaction is exactly the sort of bratty, fanboyish behavior I usually find boorish.

10) I quietly judge you by your musical tastes, because the stuff you like is awful.


Paul Toohey said...

They were talking bad about Flo on the Charlie Hodge Halftime Show on KLBJ FM the other day, I disagreed with them. I think she's cute. The Character is kind of annoying, but the girl is cute.

7) People=REAL people you know? Or the people who make movies thinking you'll go to them because you fit a demographic?

10) What do you like that's SO good?

5) Wait...Steel, from Shaq Movie fame?

The League said...

I forgive Flo her perkiness.

7) No, real people ask me if I'm going to see GI Joe, or assume I will see GI Joe.

10) Only stuff that's awesome, Paul.

5) Yup, that Steel. The movie is a severely watered down version of a very cool character I'd read in Superman and Justice League comics, so I saw a bargain and went for it. But its daunthing having a brick of unread comics just sitting there.

The League said...

I should mention: in the comics, Steel is sort of more like a mix of Reed Richards and Iron Man. With a super powered sledgehammer. He's a lot like the cooler engineers I used to work for.

Paul Toohey said...

7) I still find it funny that people think since I went to film school, that means I want to, and do, watch all the big budget Hollywood crap. In actuality, I'm starting to think I don't really like watching movies that much...

10) So you like the Pixies...what else?

5) I feel the same way about the comics I have. I feel that getting rid of them isn't probably the right idea, but I don't really do anything but have them on a shelf...

Shaq doesn't have a super-powered sledgehammer?

The League said...

5) I think they did give Shaq a sledgehammer of some sort, but maybe it was a grappling hook or something? I saw the movie once, but it was... not good.

10) I am very into Justin Bieber.

Ransom said...

You're a Belieber?

The League said...

I hope that's a thing, because that is truly hilarious

J.S. said...

Things I will admit to:
3) I find Flo pretty annoying. And I'm sure the actress is a lovely person, but I don't find her all that cute, either.
6) I've also been known to enjoy the Nanny. I know that I always thought Fran Dresher (sp?) was pretty good looking, but in addition, I find her schtick funny even while my brain questions why.
10) Your taste in music is okay, but it's hard to accept music criticism from a guy who doesn't even care about the stuff enough to own a stereo.

The League said...

6) That's the perplexing thing about The Nanny. You know you shouldn't enjoy anything about this, and yet...

10) Pfft. I am now judging your luddite, 1990's-era-centric view of component stereos as a preferable delivery vehicle.

Fantomenos said...

Isn't everyone in love with Flo?

I think there's even a Facebook group to that effect.

Paul Toohey said...

I think in the movie he had the sledgehammer...I'm more speaking of when he's playing basketball, they should make him lug around a sledgehammer on the court...

I don't know that any one who "claims" to like Beiber can judge anyone's musical taste (although I think you're joking about like him).

Belieber is AMAZING! I ALMOST want to like Bieber just so I can use that.

I think Flo is one of those love/hate people. I have heard quite a few people who think she's fugly, but it sounds like the majority here find her easy-on-the-eyes.

mcsteans said...

3) I don't think Flo is fugly, but she makes me want to stab things.

6) When nobody is looking? Really?

8) Agreed. Also: Mullet Superman = not right.

10) (Paul - he's not serious about the Beiber)

Anonymous said...

4) I knew it!!! Foul Betrayer!