Friday, June 11, 2010

Weekly Watch Wind: 06/11/2010

Superman/ Sports/ Shoes: Some of you may follow pro basketball. I quit following the NBA around the time I moved back to Austin and had better things to do than spend every night watching the Suns trudge their way to losing to the Lakers or Spurs in the playoffs.

However, it seems this fellow, Dwight Howard, is quite the popular player, and he's associated himself with Superman. Well, Howard also has a contract with Adidas, and now Adidas will be creating Dwight Howard/ Superman apparel, including shoes. Which, God willing, will be available in a size 14.

Read more here.

Achewood/ iPhone: Art imitates life when it comes to iNutz.

Dayman/ Fighter of the Nightman: Hey, one of my favorite shows, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, is now showing on Comedy Central. Not kid friendly, btw.

Re-runs of Sweet Dee is still Sweet Dee.

DCU/ Movies: Green Lantern 2 already GREEN LIT? Green. Lit. Ha. Also, maybe we're getting a Flash movie! here.

Marvel/ Digital Comics: Marvel announced a simultaneous release of an Iron Man comic in both digital and print formats. In the past, Marvel has delayed digital release of print material. Oddly, Marvel is charging more for their digital copy than a physical copy.

As an experiment, charging more for an item that has no physical presence is a non-starter. I have to assume Marvel is perfectly aware of what would happen were this issue to be released at the same cost, and so is kowtowing a bit to retailers and trying not to enrage their primary source of income. Frankly, I don't like what this says about the state of the Big 2 and digital strategy.

Superman/ Comics: An excellent piece on Superman and his place within the DC Universe.

I've recently alluded to a similar take. I sense a trend. Perhaps Matt Idleson can use this groundswell in a storyline? Maybe JMS already has it planned?

Superman/ Apple/ Cult of Steve Jobs:

It's a little conceptual, but if you've seen Superman: The Movie and follow Apple in the news, its pretty good stuff.

Watch the video here. Sorry, the embed code is freaking out on me.

found by Randy!


Fantomenos said...

Can't wait to watch the Flash movie trailer on youtube.

See?! I can do it too!

But for now, this'll have to do:!v=G3IKLJAtY84

The League said...

I have the complete series on DVD. Jamie's brother got it for me one Christmas about three years ago. What I remember from when it first aired was that they put it on Fridays in order to slowly choke the life out of it.

Simon MacDonald said...

IIRC the reason the Flash show died on CBS was the suit. I think each suit cost around $1M which was big money back in 1990. They couldn't afford to keep it going so they decided to kill it by airing it on Friday nights thereby guaranteeing low ratings.

I agree with your regarding Marvel's digital strategy. They seem to be placating the direct market by making the digital download cost more than the physical book. It should be interesting to see what happens regardless of the outcome. Imagine what would happen if the digital outsells the physical even with the higher price.

rhpt said...

The League said...

I like John Wesley Shipp as The Flash, even if he wasn't exactly Barry or Wally (or Jay). Its too bad they wound up canceling. I'd heard another rumor that Shipp had been in films of a more, ahem, adult nature, and the network wanted the show gone before it got out to the press. I find that one a bit iffy, but its amusing.

Very much looking forward to seeing how they handle the costume and speed force should this movie become a reality. I've heard the geeks want Neil Patrick Harris for Barry. I LOVE that idea.

Simon MacDonald said...

The day they sign NPH as Barry Allen I will be lining up outside my local theater.

Fantomenos said...

Ok, so did no one get my joke, or was it so awful everyone thought to ignore it?

The League said...

Alas, I think I just got spiraled off into thinking about how much I liked the Flash TV show when it was on... Or maybe I didn't get it?

Fantomenos said...

You had made the pun re Green Lit

So I thought I was being clever suggesting that the preview could be watched on a flash player.

Alright, probably too much work for that...

The League said...

You get 3 points for effort, sir.