Sunday, July 18, 2010

Batman and Robin is good

One day I am going to make a deal with Jamie, and its going to go like this:

I am going to take some vacation days. I am going to lock myself in the bedroom and ask her to bring me a steady supply of coffee and food, and I am going to read every bit of Grant Morrison's Batman from the past four years, including Final Crisis.

I am not sure that even then I will get everything Morrison tried to do, but... you know, reading this thing in installments over multiple years has dulled my ability to keep every last detail at the front of my mind, and for this story, I kind of think that's required. For me at least.

Anyway, I finally read Batman and Robin #13 today, and... man.

Also, I know someone out there must be annotating the series. I need to find that link.


Dug said...

Have those been collected, or would one need to steal them all from your house / buy all the individual issues?

The League said...

They're being collected. Start with, I think, "Batman and Son". You can, of course, plan a few extra days during the holidays to barricade yourself in the guestroom with my comics. We'll take K to Gourdoughs and the zoo.

mcsteans said...

A "deal" usually implies some sort of concession on your part. What am I getting out of this?

The League said...

You receive the dual feelings of gratification at a job well done, and the joy of helping support comic reading awesomeness.