Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I cannot quit reading the descriptions of Harlequin Romance Novels

Apparently Harlequin has decided to go all genre on us. I saw some of these at Borders over the weekend, but I did not... understand... the sheer magnitude...

You can see their line of Paranormal books here.

But i want to point to a random book i clicked on:

Zombie Moon by Lori DeVoti

The description:

Caleb Locke lived for one thing—killing zombies. And this man—this legend—was exactly what Samantha Wagner needed. In mist-shrouded alleys, hunted by zombies, haunted by fear, she vowed to find Caleb and convince him to help her. But she hadn't counted on falling in love….

Caleb kept his own secrets—like the one he couldn't hide when the moon was full. But his wolf was drawn to Samantha, recognizing her as his mate. With her in his arms, Caleb reveled in passion…and rued his deception. Would she still love the man who fought by her side if she realized that zombies weren't the only monsters? Samantha would have to make a choice—and she only had till the next full moon.

Did you get that? It's a book about a lady werewolf who falls for a fearless ZOMBIE HUNTER (and probably a vampire).

This thing is just ten kinds of crazy.

What's really amazing is that apparently there are oodles and oodles of female nerds out there who are not afraid to mix their soft-soft-core reading and hackey recycled monster plots. I am... amazed. The 21st Century has brought us lady-nerds. And they are powerful.

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J.S. said...

And about fifteen seconds from now there should be a new, indie college band called Lady Nerd...