Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Arriving 11/10/2010: Superman Vs. Ali

Signal Corps, I am so, so excited about this.

Several years ago I stumbled across an image of the original Superman vs. Ali comic online, and every since, I've really wanted to read/ own this comic.  Like the Superman vs. Spider-Man comic I now have (hanging on my wall, thank you),  this has been one of those collectibles that eluded me.  Fortunately, DC is reprinting the comic in its original Treasury size (which I also think is a great format for superhero comics, by the way).  Its about the size of an old Life magazine, and will come in two editions, so you don't need to choose to blow the bank to read it if you don't feel like it.

this cover (the original) is full of 70's-era celebs
I will still likely pursue obtaining an original copy of this comic, but that could take a long time and wind up being terribly expensive, so I'm happy to know that this is going to be available again via reprint, which I honestly didn't think would ever happen.

And, no, the comic does not end after Superman knocks out Ali with one punch.

What I absolutely can't afford is the limited edition Superman vs. Ali statue:

Yes, I would totally own this


Matt A. said...

Wait - that was the original comic cover? With a giant "" over it?

The League said...

Yes, time travelers from the year 2006 were part of the development process.

No, there was not a "" on the cover.

Simon MacDonald said...

I remember reading this comic at my friend Paul's house when I was a kid. It was awesome!