Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ma Kent to be terribly attractive in new Superman film (Diane Lane)

So, this is an odd bit of casting. According to Bleeding Cool, Diane Lane is cast as Martha Kent in the upcoming Superman movie.

Math isn't my strong suit, but I believe Lane is about 46 years old. Which... I guess if Snyder is casting her as Martha finding little Kal-El, that's still a shade on the youngish side. And while Lane says many things to me - Aging Midwestern Farmer's Wife is not at the top of that list. And "Kindly Old Lady" is just absolutely nowhere on that list, and I checked five times.

I will never say anything against Ms. Lane, but this...

is not this

nor this

Now if you wanted to tell me Diane Lane is Lara.  Fine.  She looks like a being from a highly evolved race of very good looking space people.
Snyder - doing his bit to reinforce ideas about Hollywood and "women of a certain age".

Well, I guess we'll see where he's going with this trainwreck soon enough.

Now, Smallville did cast Annette O'Toole as Martha Kent, but they made it pretty clear that the Kent's were not an older couple in the TV show.  And, hey, O'Toole was Lana Lang in Superman III, so you have to give props where they're due.

He's using his X-Ray vision to look at  her brains
Anyway, Movie Industry, this sort of thing is why we tend to think you're kind of dumb and people over a certain age quit seeing movies at some point.


Simon MacDonald said...

That does seem like odd casting but it'll be nice to watch Diane Lane in a movie, any movie.

The League said...

They should have stunt-casted Jane Lynch. The movie could use an unimpressed stare and a snarky remark when Clark starts flying around the barnyard.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of Diane Lane. I don't care what role she is in.


The League said...

The internets seem to agree with you. Let me make clear - if I did not - I will gladly watch a movie about Diane Lane tying her shoes or combing her hair. She's a lovely, talented actor.

I am mostly rolling my eyes at Hollywood and their casting of Lane to ensure that even Ma Kent is sexy in a Snyder film. Its like Snyder is parodying himself (or if you actually know the history of the character, it seems like a bizarre casting choice - like casting Alex Baldwin as Pa Kent).

JAL said...

I hope this means Costner is Pa Kent. I especially hope this means he'll drive a Corvette.