Monday, February 28, 2011

Quick follow up on Alison Brie post - Prosopagnosia

I have decided that I have a very limited form of a rare condition called Prosopagnosia that may or may not be directly Allison Brie related.  Apparently that's a condition where one has a hard time telling faces apart.

You can read up on the condition here.
So I've decided I'm not an idiot, and that its a genetic issue or some such.  I declare my Brie-blindness a medical condition. You now owe me sympathy or something.

Curiously, some of the photos one finds when Googling Alison Brie mean I will most definitely remember who she is a bit better.

Found this article courtesy the Twitter feed of artist/ writer Phil Jimenez. 


J.S. said...

I prefer to continue lending you sympathy because you are an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Is this your excuse now for saying all Asians look alike? ;-)


The League said...

Not Asians, NTT. I said all "Agents" look alike, in their black suits and sunglasses.