Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Goodnight Dune now a complete children's book

found by @chris_roberson

I think this looks about right for this crowd...

A while back I linked to an image that was a pretty clever idea/  just a joke called "Goodnight Dune".

Well, its the 2010's, so of course, somebody actually went and made it into a book.


I strongly suspect Harms will now wish he had children.


Steven said...

I was somewhat embarrassed by just how many items I could recognize from this thumbnail (srsly, no goodnight folspace ship?).

J.S. said...

Great pic. Dune fans need to click to zoom in!
BTW, Amy's Dad, Greg, once met Frank Herbert. True story.

The League said...

and now its time you learn Amy is secretly a bene-gesserit