Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So, I think I am going to see "The Big Bang"

A lot of what folks try to pass off as modern noir seems to either really translate into "plodding detective movie" or "we've mistaken showing the sex scenes/ making an 'erotic' thriller with what they were doing in noir, but we basically ended up making something they'll show on Cinemax after 12:01 AM".

Really, aside from "The Big Lebowski", its hard to think of much in the last few years that actually pulled it off.

I don't want to vouch for the flick until I've seen it, but I'm going to give the new Antonio Banderas movie a shot.  The trailer looks...  not terribly promising, but they cast Bill "Predator" Duke and put him in the trailer, so I'm in.

Language in the trailer is NSFW


Fantomenos said...

The missus and I just watched "Winter's Bone", which is a cool take on noir in the Ozarks, and is gorgeous to look at as well.

Be interested in your take on it...

The League said...

I am very interested in the movie, and its up pretty high in my Netflix Blu-Ray queue. Its been hard to get charged up for a movie about meth heads in the Ozarks as good, clean fun, but I'm ready for something a bit different.