Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today is my 11th Anniversary of being married - eat it Kate and Bill Windsor

11 years ago I squeezed into a rented tux, repeated back some words that were said to me, and was never more sure of a decision as Jamie came down in the aisle.

Some wedding trivia.

-my first words after the ceremony were to quote the Simpsons to Doug: "You see this ring? It means I own her and she's my property!" I'm not sure he got the reference, but he seemed amused
-the grooms' cake was carrot cake. I love carrot cake. I also was running a 100 degree fever the day of cake tasting and just blurted "I don't need to taste anything. Carrot is fine."
-Jamie could not drink at the time due to one medical issue or other, so we had faux champagne. I was tragically sober through the whole affair.
-Jamie may have been wearing slippers through the entire evening. I don't know if she ever had on actual shoes.
-Jason got drunk and chased peacocks about the property while wearing a tux, and nobody thought to record this
-Dug was be-kilted in McBride tartan
-I was a little too excited that I got to hit the dance floor and do "the robot" at my own wedding
-Jamie and I didn't actually see much of each other during the reception. We didn't have a formal sit-down, so we were circulating aside from the cake cutting, first dance, etc...
-I never actually saw the car we rode out in until the pictures as I got soap bubbles in my eye running to the car
-We had a lovely night at the Driskill where we ate dinner in the bathroom so as not to muss the bed
-In the morning, we had no ride home and I was too cheap to spring for a cab, so Dug came and got us
-Our wedding song.

-Jamie had rejected literally a hundred songs before she settled on this one. I had wanted Al Green's "L-O-V-E". It was said the song was perhaps too fast for a first dance.

Happy 11th, Jamie.  Sorry I was in Abilene.  Here's to 111 more years of being married to the swellest of swell dames.


Matt A. said...

Congrats on the anniversary!

J.S. said...

Happy anniversary! Seems like it's worked out pretty well!

p.s.- More wedding trivia for those who haven't told the story. For some reason on the day of the wedding, Ryan insisted that we spend part of the afternoon chaffeuring a random (but very friendly) homeless couple across town. When asked why we were doing this on his wedding day, I believe Ryan only got some sort of grumbled response about "good karma".

Anyway, kuods!!

mcsteans said...

Aww, thanks Ryan. I love you! :)

Btw, there's something wonky with my browser and it's showing our wedding song as a "Sexy 80s Roller Skate" video. I'm kinda thinking we missed an opportunity...

The League said...

a) On a day when things are important but a million details can go wrong, it does not hurt to consider your karma and oneness with the universe.

b) clear you cookies, sweetie-pie. Or try using "Private Browsing" in Firefox.

Steven said...

I love "Satellite of Love," not just for the MST3K ties, but because of David Bowie (I think it is) singing the part of the xylophone in the background.

The League said...

The Bowie link was part of the sell. Jamie was luke-warm on Lou Reed, I think, but our first date was to see Bowie. Also - its a really damn solid song.